Secure Data Vault - For a higher level of data protection

With the rate of data growth in a typical organization today, the traditional means of backing up and securing information via tape often finds a back up window that is closing fast requiring more libraries, more complexity, more management and more cost to keep it open. It can also be unnerving to put your data on tape and ship it offsite not knowing if the integrity of the tape and thus your data will be there when you need it.

By utilizing Secure Data Vault and moving data from disk to disk, companies can help control the cost and complexity involved with traditional tape based backup, virtually eliminate their back up window and ensure mission critical data is offsite, protected and monitored.

An examination of the costs around traditional tape back up reveals evidence that keeping your window open this way can quickly become prohibitive.

    • Hard Costs
      • Physical Tape Libraries
      • Support Costs
      • Media Costs
      • Offsite Storage service fees, including fees for the delivery of media for recovery often for a single file.
    • Soft Costs
      • Lost productivity waiting for restoration
      • Time to mount load and retrieve files creates a strain on an IT support staff.
      • Backup failures only to be recognized after the remounting of the recovery media has failed, resulting in loss of data.
      • User error, backups not always completed properly.

With Secure Data Vault your data is encrypted and automated to replicate from your storage systems to ours, located in offsite in a hardened facility, always monitored and always accessible to you.

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