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Network Appliance, Inc. (NetApp) is a world leader in unified storage solutions for today's data-intensive enterprise. The NetApp products are multiprotocol, high availability disk subsystems that allow File Level and Block Level data access through the same redundant controllers.  The entire product line shares the same operating system, Data ONTAP, along with the same suite of management products that provide the most efficient product line of disk storage on the market today.  NetApp offers their products in three differnet series; the 2000, 3100 and 6000 series.  There is also a VSeries which is NetApp controller without NetApp back-end storage and it is used to manage 3rd party storage, such as EMC, Hitachi, HP, 3Par, etc.  The Vseries allows customers to enjoy all the NetApp software and multiprotocol features on their existing disk infrastructures.  NetApp also sells the Decru Data-at-Rest encryption products for disk and tape.


GridIron Systems, Inc. has defined a new market, Dynamic Application Acceleration!  Their TurboCharger SAN Application Accelerator is an intelligent appliance that learns the data access trends of your applications and boosts applications on the fly.  The appliance has two 8Gbs front-end Host Target ports and two 8Gbs back-end Storage Initiator ports.  Internally, it has an intelligent Bayesian Processor that analyzes data flowing through the appliance and tiers 'important' data into its internal DDR RAM and SSD storage.  By 'important', we mean data that is critical to accelerating applications.  This data can be index information from a database or anything that speeds up an application by virtue of low latency access.


Texas Memory Systems, Inc., makers of 'The World's Fastest Storage, is a privately-held 32-year leader in the enterprise data storage and digital signal processing industries.  Since 1978, TMS has specifically focused on high bandwidth, low latency enterprise data storage and digital processing systems.  Their RamSan solid state disk (SSD) products are cost-effective solutions to common enterprise application and databse performance issues.  The SSD architecture relies on memory chips for data storage thereby dramatically lowering latency in applications traditionally stored on rotating hard drives.


Certeon, Inc. is the leader in virtualized WAN optimization.  It is a private company founded in 2003.  Certeon's aCelera software is the first and only WAN optimization and application acceleration virtual appliance to deliver acceleration, scalability and manageability.  aCelera software reduces application response time over the WAN and lowers network bandwidth requirements by up to 95 percent without proprietary hardware appliances.  The aCelera performance scales linearly as more resources are added and supports up to 50 percent more concurrent accelerated connections than "closed" proprietary hardware appliances.  Companies can save as much as 60 percent in total cost of ownership when deployed in virtualized environments.

    Persystent Software Inc. ensures that end-user desktop and laptop computers are always available and fully functional whether in the office or on the road.  Founded in 1998, the Persystent Suite is the fastest automated PC recovery solution in the world, restoring corrupted, changed or missing OS and application files with just a simple reboot.  Unlike Windows Restore, which is terribly flawed and unreliable, the Persystent Damage Control software uses a Linux Kernel for its application which is impervious to viruses, malware or any other unauthorized programs and will always return a Persystent protected PC back to its desired configuration.  
    Syncsort Incorporated develops, markets, and services high-performance software for data management and data protection.  Designed to take advantage of distributed network architectures, the Syncsort suite of products provides a high-performance, total data management solution for multi-platform environments.  Syncsort Backup Express is the only enterprise data protection software that reduces storage, bandwidth and CPU requirements, while enabling server and site recovery in just minutes. It provides fast server backup, reliable disaster recovery and business continuity, all at a low cost for high ROI.  
    STORServer, Inc. is a leading provider of simple, adaptable and scalable solutions for data protection.  STORServer helps companies to protect their digital information in an environment of ever-increasing complexity.  The solutions are turn-key implementation, simplicity of administration through automation and improved uptime through an innovative support approach delivered by highly qualified solution engineers.   STORServer solutions significantly reduce operating expense, minimize risk and easily adapt to changing business and technology landscapes.  
    Spectra Logic, Inc.. provides automated tape backup solutions, disk and deduplication backup solutions, and general data backup solutions that will protect your data efficiently and securely.  Their products include innovative features that save you time and money such as our tape libraries with integrated data encryption, low power consumption, and easy upgradeability and maintenance. Spectra Logic's data protection and archive solutions are changing the world of storage.  The products are used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide by companies across all industries.  
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