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Today's world is a frightening place to run a business, hackers are out there world wide doing every imaginative thing possible to steal your company's data.  Basic Firewalls, and even NexGen Firewalls are not enough to keep the bad guys out.  A recent study exposed these alarming statistics:

  • 97% of all organizatrions have been breached, meaning that at least one attacker had bypassed all layers of their defense architecture

  • More than a quarter of all organizations experienced events known to be consistent with tools and tactics used by advanced persistent threat (APT) attackers

  • Three quarters of organizations had active command-and-control communications, including attackers had control of the breached systems and were possibly already receiving data from them

  • Even after an organizations was breached, attackers attempted to compromise the the typical organization more than once a week (1.59x) on average.

It is clear the game has changed and companies need a full comprehensive solution to thwart the onslaught of attacks.  MSSC has aligned with the top vendors in the security space to help safe guard your data.  Whether you are a small family owned business or a large Enterprise, MSSC has the expertise needed to assess your current security infrastructure and work with you to achieve the level of security that meets your business needs.  E-mail us at  sales@msscweb.com or call us at (631) 242-5551 to learn about our Free Security Assessment.



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